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The Americana is a very traditional style pool table featuring the trademark Olhausen Americana Series double arching base frame, similar to our best selling Olhausen Grace Pool Table.

The Americana has a very simple routing in the cabinet and rail along with "spoon" style carved leg.

The Americana is unique in the Olhausen product line because it is one of very few "mass produced" pool table models, as opposed to the majority of Olhausen tables all custom built to order.

The only option for the Americana Pool table is size, either 7' or home 8' length.

The table is built from North American Fruitwood with Maple Top Rails and is available in the best selling Traditional Mahogany wood finish only.

This finish is semi-gloss with a muted red undertone that works with almost any traditional decor.

As the pool table tends to be the statement piece in any room, you will see Americana Pool Tables mixed with very traditional furniture or very modern furniture in different settings.

Either way the proportion and design just "work" no matter what.

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