Railyard Pool Table

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The Olhausen Railyard Pool Table is a one of a kind piece of American History.

The Railyard Pool Table is hand crafted from original Tennessee rail road ties and tracks over 100 years old.

Each table is built to order from the finest Hickory Wood in a custom aged matte finish and features legendary Olhausen rails, slate, and cushions for tournament level playability.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty the Railyard Pool Table is an heirloom piece to be cherished for generations to come.

Rail Yard Studios Pool Table

The Rail Yard Studios Pool Table features a trestle-style base with a section of decommissioned railroad rail combined with hardwood crosstie timbers. We reclaim the materials in the course of operating a railroad maintenance business and reimagine them for historic preservation and sustainability in the custom work we craft.

Along the web of the rail there are markings that identify the origins of the steel in the trestle of the table. The OH in the brand identifies the rail as being manufactured using the Open Hearth process, a relatively modern process at the time the rail was rolled that has since been replaced with more efficient manufacturing processes.

TENNESSEE is the foundry brand of the Tennessee Coal & Iron Company where the rail was manufactured, and the USA is further proof of the steel's American-made provenance.

In the 100-25-RE portion of the brand, 100 means that the rail weighs 100 pounds per yard and the 25-RE designates the profile (shape) of the rail which can vary among rail of the same weight The brand concludes with the year the rail was manufactured.

For sustainability, we use naturally creosote-free North American hardwood crosstie timbers. These are ties pulled out of the treatment process as seconds or ''culls'' for various imperfections like, knots, checking and barkseams. Those flaws lend the wood an amazing old-world character. The crossties are distinguished by their sawmill banding and incisor marks - the small tic marks appearing along the length of the timbers.

The numbered metal sites on the playing surface rails are date nails. Until the late 1960's most crossties were marked with the year of manufacture using these types of nails.

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