Finex 1 QT Cast Iron Sauce Pan

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Perfect for slow simmered sauces and reductions. Great for BBQ beans, polenta or grits.

Prevents caramelizing and scorching of sweet secret sauces - it's a go-to for perfect reductions and glazes too. Works great for baking delicious single-serve brownies, cakes and cornbread. Some even throw it in their wood-fired ovens for single-serve lasagna.

  • Handles stay cool longer, cool off quicker & feel better in the hand
  • Stone-tumble polished to deliver an easy cleaning & durably-seasoned cooking surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Boxy sides take up less space on the grill or in the oven
  • Pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil
  • Non-stick, rust-resistant bronze finish will patina & darken
  • Sides offer easy spatula access
  • Even cooking on any heat source reducing hot spots & keeping sauces from scorching
  • Lifetime warranty

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