Honey BUnny - Amazing Dad's BBQ

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Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce adds pure inspiration to your barbequed meals. Just the right amount of spices and succulent sweetness makes Amazing Dad’s the perfect ‘secret recipe’ for the chef. We take great pride in the fact that our BBQ sauce is naturally sweetened with organic honey from our apiary.

Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce is also gluten free, certified kosher, and available in a convenient 500ml (1lb. 5oz.) squeeze pouch. Simply perfect around the barbeque!

Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce was the first sauce from Honey Bunny Inc..  Our plan was to make a honey sweetened sauce formulated by our own Amazing Dad.  We BBQ the best ribs and this is our sauce! Try Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce on all your family’s BBQ Favorites! We know you’ll agree.

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