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The Butterfly RDJ S1 Shakehand Table Tennis Racket is a perfect companion for aspiring table tennis players looking to enhance their skills! Designed with the needs of beginning level players in mind, this racket from the renowned RDJ series is crafted to provide a solid foundation for mastering the basic strokes and developing your technique.
Constructed with a 5-ply wood blade, this racket offers a balanced combination of control and power, allowing you to execute precise shots with ease. The flared handle, with its concave shape at the center, provides a comfortable grip that is popular among players of all styles, ensuring optimal control and maneuverability.
Equipped with the Spryer rubber, this racket delivers an excellent blend of speed, spin, and control, making it suitable for various playing styles. The 1.7mm sponge thickness adds an extra element of control, allowing you to maintain a slower pace and improve your shot placement. Whether you prefer a defensive or offensive approach, this racket will adapt to your style, empowering you to outperform your opponents on the table.

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