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Predator Limited Edition Dragon 2 Pool Cue

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Predator Limited Edition Dragon 2 Pool Cue

#22 of 50 manufactured - Comes With Revo 12.4mm Shaft

Mystical Beauty, Legendary Power
Forged from fire and crafted with more than 163 inlays, it’s a wonder that we could create fifty limited edition Dragon cues. Each cue is individually etched, numbered, and marked with the FCP initials to honor the contributions of the Football Club Porto to the game of billiards. Like how the dragon became a symbol for FCP, these cues embody the dragon’s characteristics of formidability, strength, and power. Crafted with rich Maple and Ebony wood, these cues feature a dragon with magnificent Turquoise inlays and adorned with highlights. Constructed with a cored technology and fine-tuned with the Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge System, these limited edition cues are as lethal as they are beautiful.


  • Ebony Handle Engraved with a Dragon Design featuring Ebony, Turquoise Inlays, Gold, Silver Highlights, Cocobolo, Snakewood, and Blue Stone
  • Black Maple Wood Forearm with Alternating Points
  • 3 Short Forearm Points Featuring Micarta
  • 3 Long Forearm Points Featuring Micarta
  • Radial® Aluminum Joint
  • Stainless Steel Joint Collar and Butt Cap
  • Limited to 50 and Individually Etched & Numbered
  • Uni-Loc® Adjustable Weight Cartridge System (Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge Kit Sold Separately)

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