Olhausen Used 9 Foot Table

Olhausen Billiards

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American Made used 9 foot table. 



Delivery and isntallation 

New Cloth

Cues, balls, trangle, bridge & a wall rack. 


This table has been inspected and certified by our team to offer years of playability. 


When inspecting a used pool table, our technicians thoroughly examine the following key aspects:

  1. Table Structure: Our technicians carefully assess the overall structural integrity of the pool table. They check for any signs of warping, bending, or damage to the frame and legs, ensuring that the table's foundation is sturdy and stable.
  2. Playing Surface: The playing surface is one of the most critical components of a pool table. Our technicians meticulously inspect it for any imperfections, scratches, or unevenness. They use precision tools to measure the slate's flatness and ensure it meets regulation standards for accurate ball roll.
  3. Rails and Cushions: Properly functioning rails and cushions are vital for optimal gameplay. You never have to worry about dead rails when purchasing an Olhausen table. They are guaranteed for life. 
  4. Pockets:  Our technicians inspect the pocket linings, ensuring they are free from tears, fraying, or excessive wear that could impact the ball's trajectory.
  5. Felt and Cloth: The playing surface cloth plays a significant role in the game's quality. This table comes included with your choice of new cloth. With almost 30 different cloth colours in stock.



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