Delivery & Installation
We provide delivery and installation of pool tables, table tennis tables, foosball tables, shuffleboards, furniture and barbecues.

Why fuss with nuts, bolts, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.?! Our certified installers will deliver your order to your home/office, provide the onsite assembly service and take away all debris when leaving, letting you enjoy your new game/furniture.

Our delivery and installation services are available in the Greater Vancouver Area, Vancouver Island and the rest of British Columbia.

We provide moving on pool tables and shuffleboards.

We provide moving (relocating?) of pool tables and shuffleboards. Pool tables and shuffleboards can't be moved like all other furniture. Whether you're buying a used table, or moving with your existing table, let our experts take care of that complex job. We provide professional breakdown of your pool table and/or shuffleboard prior to moving, including rails, pockets, felt, slate, base, legs, etc. All the parts will be safely and securely loaded in one of our fully enclosed moving vans to be relocated anywhere you need. Your pool table and/or shuffleboard will be then installed and leveled at the new location by our expert installation technicians. We can also upgrade your pool table's felt, pockets, or bumpers for an additional cost.

Our moving services are available in the Greater Vancouver Area, Vancouver Island and the rest of British Columbia.

We provide repairs for pool tables, pool cues, table tennis tables, foosball tables, shuffleboards, etc.

Pool Tables
Home Billiard's skilled pool and snooker table mechanics will remove old or damaged felt and replace with new felt with the color of your choosing. We can replace old worn out pockets and cushions with brand new ones to bring back proper bounce. Our team of professionals can also adjust and level the pool table to specifications and remove and replace any damaged slate.

Pool Cues
Do you have pool cues or snooker cues that are missing their leather tips? Bring your cues to us for our cue tip replacement service. We will install a new leather cue tip onto your cue for only $10 per cue.

Table Tennis Tables
Home Billiards is the official Tiger PingPong tables dealer and service center with certified installers and replacement parts.

We provide rentals for movies, television, advertising, corporate events etc.

Have you seen the movie "The Interview" or the television show "The 100"? These are only a few of dozens of high-budget Hollywood projects that used our products. Whether you are a realtor, a developer, a homeowner, a design professional, hosting an event at home or in the film industry we have the resources to make your life easier.

Our installers will deliver and setup rented game tables, accessories and furniture for you and then collect it when your event or filming is over.

Game Design
Home Billiards is here to help you design your own pool table or a home bar.
We have created online tools to help you create the perfect pool table or home bar to go with your game room.
Game Room Design
Home Billiards will work with you to create a game room worthy of entertainment.

Modern homes offer much more than the mere necessities. Game rooms are starting to become an integral part of many contemporary residences. While some of us can afford to space (spare?) exclusive space for gaming and recreational needs, most of us might not have enough square footage at our disposal. Be it ping-pong, pool action, poker fun or a round of darts; you can pretty much add a fun corner to any room in the house! The transformation is almost instant with the space acquiring a whole new focal point.

A lovely 'game area' can be created in the living space, attic, basement, dining room and even next to the home theater or bar. While this might not meet the exclusivity of a game room, it still promises plenty of good times along with multitasking solutions.

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