Pool Table Felt

Pool table felt colours

Whether you're looking to refelt your pool table or build a custom pool table, choose from our 30+ felt colour options. We have pool table felt that matches your decor and style of play.

What's the Difference?

Championship Invitational

Home Cloth

Type: Championship Invitational pool table cloth designed for use in casual and recreational settings.
Characteristics: It is made of a blend of wool and nylon. The cloth is designed to provide a smooth and consistent playing surface.
Speed: Championship Invitational cloth is known for its moderate speed, offering a good balance that suits a wide range of players.

Championship Tour Edition 

Tournament Grade

Type: Championship Tour Edition is a higher-end cloth designed for more serious and professional play.
Characteristics: It is made with a higher percentage of nylon and has a finer worsted weave. This results in more responsive playing surface.
Speed: Championship Tour Edition cloth is faster than Invitational, providing a smoother and more precise ball roll.


Snooker Cloth

Type: Snooker cloth is specifically designed for snooker tables.
Characteristics: Snooker cloth is made of Merino wool. The nap (fibre direction) of snooker cloth is an essential aspect of the unique play style of snooker.
Speed: Snooker cloth is generally slower than high-end pool table cloths, providing a different playing experience. The slower speed allows for precise control needed in snooker games.

What felt do professional pool players use?

While there are many great fabrics, worsted wool is the choice of champions for pool table felt. This material offers a fast and accurate playing surfurce demanded by pros at the highest levels of tournament play. In addition, with 2-ply construction, this felt is divot resistant, which makes it durable for a lifetime of play.

How much does new pool table felt cost?

Depending on the quality of the felt and the size of your pool table, new pool table felt cost between $250-600 per table. Don't forget to include the cost of your time or the cost of a professional installation when considering the total cost of new pool table felt. 

Custom pool table felt

Looking for an original? We can create a custom pool table felt for your table. Choose the felt colour, get a logo printed on the felt or mix and match however you like. Contact us to start the design process.