Slate Pool Tables for Sale

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Olhausen and Legacy Billiards slate pool tables for sale in 7, 8, and 9-foot configurations. Choose from various felt colours and cabinet finishes to match your decor.

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From Olhausen Billiards in Tennessee

8 Foot - Burnt Silkwood Body - Solid Walnut Rails

Arriving December 2023

Why is Slate so Great?

Considered the highest quality table top material, slate refers to a rock-like material that’s been split into wide, flat pieces. This material is typically composed of clay, quartz, and sand, and is cut into perfectly flat surfaces as dense as stone and as smooth as glass.

Its smoothness is why slate is the go-to pool table material for any serious player, and its denseness makes it virtually impervious to warping, moisture, and other environmental degradation more common in synthetic and wooden tables.

All pool tables for sale at Home Billiards are made from slate.