Air Hockey Tables

High-quality Air Hockey Tables for Sale in Canada

Complete your game room setup with an authentic air hockey table. We carry Dynamo and Legacy air hockey tables that come in multiple finishes to fit your room's decor.

Things to know about air hockey tables

How long is a full sized air hocky table?

A standard full sized air hockey table is 84 inches long and 48 inches wide. For our Canadian visitors, that's 213 cm long by 122 cm wide.

How big of a room do you need for an air hockey table?

To accomodate an air hockey table, your room should be 14 feet long by six feet wide (425 cm by 183 cm). You can also follow a good rule of thumb which is to have three feet of space on either end of the table for players to move freely.

Can you put an air hockey table against a wall?

If you have a smaller space you can put your air hockey table lengthwise along a wall. This may make playing feel restricted but you'll still have a great time.

Need more help with your air hockey table purchase?

If you have more questions we've got answers. Contact the team at Home Billiards.