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The Dufferin Vengeance Snooker cue combines state of the art technology with sleek design to complete one of the best snooker cues on the market at a reasonable price. The cue is designed with both the beginner and the advanced player alike. The ash shaft is solidly constructed and features Dufferin’s signature brass joint. This exclusive joint has a similar density to hardwood which maintains the cue’s natural balance. The cue ends with a brass ferrule and Elk blue cue tip. The chamfer or flat area on the butt of a snooker cue is a styling throwback. Prior to the advent of rest handles when a player was unable to stroke the shot in the normal fashion, he could simply put the flattened part of the cue along with one hand, thus making the shot using the butt of the cue. The butt is crafted from Canadian Maple and is finished in black with Red flames. The cue comes in 2 weights – Medium 16.5 oz to 17.5oz Heavy 17.5 to 19oz.

9.5mm Elk Master leather tip
Brass ferrule
Dufferin’s Signature Brass joint
Ash hardwood shaft

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