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Make Sure it Fits: The Ultimate Pool Table Room Size Guide

Make Sure it Fits: The Ultimate Pool Table Room Size Guide

Posted by Home Billiards on 26th Oct 2022

What pool table size is right for my room?

You’ve nailed down the exact kind of pool table you want. You know the construction material, the style, the colour of the cloth, everything. But before you go ahead and order it, there’s one other, very important detail to consider: your pool table room size.

The last thing you want to happen is to go through with a purchase only to realise when it arrives that it doesn’t fit. Or, just as bad, getting it in your room but realising there’s no space for pool table play.

To help you avoid these scenarios, we’ve put together a pool table room size. As a family-owned business celebrating 35 years of offering the best in billiards, games, and lifestyle equipment, we’ve honed choosing the right table for your needs down to a science.

By following the tips and steps outlined below, and in our pool table buying guide, you’re guaranteed to end up with the perfect pool table dimensions for your space.

How far should a pool table be from your wall?

If you’ve ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Kramer plays pool in George’s father’s cramped apartment, you know just the kind of damage pool can cause in tight quarters.

The distance between your pool table and the wall should accommodate general movement around the table while playing, as well as cue pullbacks.

A pool table with a black cloth placed on top of a stone floor.

While seemingly obvious, you should be able to walk around your table comfortably. This means not having to squeeze in beside the table, suck your stomach in, or generally contort your body in any uncomfortable way while standing between your table and the wall.

Secondly, you need to also have enough space to be able to pull your cue back without it hitting your wall.

How far should a pool table be from your ceiling and light fixtures?

Of course, you’re not only going to be pulling back your cue completely horizontally. Some situations will call for more angled shots, causing you to have to point the back of your cue closer to the ceiling.

A pool table with brown bumpers and tan cloth under three hanging overhead lights

To avoid leaving holes or scuffs, or breaking light fixtures above your table, it’s also important to make sure that at full draw during these more angled shots, there is still ample space between the back of your cue stick and your ceiling.

Figuring out the right room size for the most common pool table dimensions

With everything above in mind, how do you actually determine how much room for a pool table you need?

For the DIYers out there, you can:

  1. Take measurements of the room in which you plan to place your table
  2. Get yourself in front of a table you’re interested in buying (or create fake 6, 7, and 8-foot tables in your room using something like cardboard)
  3. Grab a cue that is the length you plan to use
  4. Take measurements while taking shots at different angles and sides of the table
  5. Compare these measurements to the dimensions of your room and decide which table size works best

If this sounds too complicated, you can simply turn to our room size recommendations, which illustrate minimum room sizes for the three most common pool table sizes, depending on the cue length you plan to use.

Alt: A guide recommending different room sizes for different-sized pool tables.

Let’s take a closer look at these recommendations below.

Note: All dimensions below assume an approximate table height (floor to playing surface) of 30 inches.

What pool table room size is needed for a 7-foot table?

For a typical 7-foot pool table with a playing surface of 39” x 78”, you’re going to need a minimum room size of:

  • 48 inch cue: 11’3” x 14’6”
  • 52 inch cue: 11’11” x 15’2”
  • 58 inch cue: 12’11” x 16’2”

Check out our wide selection of 7-foot tables here!

What pool table room size is needed for an 8-foot table?

For a typical 8-foot pool table with a playing surface of 44” x 88”, you’re going to need a minimum room size of:

  • 48 inch cue: 11’8” x 15’4”
  • 52 inch cue: 12’4” x 16’
  • 58 inch cue: 13’4” x 17’

Check out our wide selection of 8-foot tables here!

What pool table room size is needed for a 9-foot table?

For a typical 9-foot pool table with a playing surface of 50” x 100”, you’re going to need a minimum room size of:

  • 48 inch cue: 12’2” x 16’4”
  • 52 inch cue: 12’10” x 17’
  • 58 inch cue: 13’10” x 18’

Check out our wide selection of 9-foot tables here!

Don’t forget to consider your pool table room layout

While the dimensions recommended above will help you pick a table that allows you to comfortably play, it’s important to remember that they are still minimum room size recommendations.

A pool table with a blue cloth beside a couch.

If you plan on placing other things in your pool room, such as furniture, a bar setup, entertainment centers, or anything else that may eat up a lot of space, you may want to go beyond these recommended dimensions.

Or, at the very least, you’ll want to make sure that the placement of any extra elements is done in such a way that it doesn’t affect play.

Putting this pool table size guide to practice

Whether you know exactly what you want, are still looking around, or simply want a professional opinion, we at Home Billiards are ready to help you pick the perfectly-styled and sized pool table for your needs (and deliver and install it for free!)

What are the benefits of buying from a retailer vs Wayfare? The biggest benefit to buying from a retailer like Home Billiards is the peace of mind of knowing that we control everything end-to-end. This means verified transactions, reliable quality assurance, and prompt customer service, which you won’t find on marketplaces.

Send us a message, give us a call, pay us a visit, or check out our wide selection of pool tables to get the ball rolling today!