Valley Panther ZD-11X - LED Coin Operated Pool Table


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The Panther ZD-X™, the new Panther ZD-11X LED table now offers LED backlit cushion rails, pockets, and sleek under lighting which will jazz up any location.  This table is available in 7ft. and 8ft. models and comes in black laminate finish with black cloth and blue LED lighting. The Panther ZD-11X LED will require direct power and comes with a DBA, Push Chute and LCD display for programming.  Our software incorporates League Dues management software, expanded accounting options,  and Happy Hour and, time play bonus pricing options. Our 5-bolt competitive style cushions come with Teflon cloth designed for ultimate playability. This table comes standard with 4 cues, triangle, chalk and a set of balls. The ZD 11X LED also comes in a Home Model version which includes a Start Button and eliminates the DBA and coin mechanisms.

Sizes Available:
101” - 8 foot, 93” - 7 foot, 88” - 6.5 foot

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