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Smartignition Rechargeable Lighter

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This new large Heavy Duty Electric Rechargeable Lighter is ideal for igniting outdoor barbecues and camp fires.

It uses Smartignition technology, an electric arc ignition which is flame-less, butane free and odorless.

It is rechargeable with the included universal USB cord.

  • SMARTIGNITION TECHNOLOGY - Electric, flame-less, fuel-free and no smell.
  • RECHARGEABLE - Built in lithium-ion battery that can be used hundreds of times per charge. Charges with the included cord and USB port.
  • SAFETY SYSTEM - Dual Switch trigger lock system. Auto Shut off after 10 seconds.
  • HEAVY DUTY WITH LONG FLEXIBLE NECK - Larger Lighter with longer neck (+35% longer than most lighters) for greater reach. Neck bends, twists and rotates 360 degrees.
  • WINDPROOF - Lights even with strong winds.

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