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The Butterfly Harimoto Tomokazu 2000 Shakehand Table Tennis Racket is a perfect choice for aspiring table tennis players looking to develop their skills and master the basic strokes. This racket offers a well-balanced combination of speed and spin, making it an excellent first racket for beginners.
The blade provides a solid foundation for consistent play. The flared handle, designed with a concave shape at the center, offers a comfortable grip and is the most popular style among players.
The racket is equipped with Pan Asia rubber on both sides. Pan Asia is known for its control-oriented characteristics, making it ideal for entry-level players. Despite its focus on control, the rubber still provides sufficient speed and spin to help you execute your shots effectively.
With a sponge thickness of 1.9mm, the Pan Asia rubber offers a good balance of control and power, allowing you to learn and improve your skills with confidence.

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