Nakama S-9 Racket


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The Butterfly Nakama S-9 Table Tennis Racket offers a perfect balance of speed, spin, and control.
Constructed with 5 layers of high-quality wood, the Nakama S-9 provides a softer feel upon impact, allowing for enhanced control and precision. Unlike blades with reinforcing materials like carbon fiber, this racket flexes slightly and holds the ball a bit longer, ensuring excellent spin generation.
The Nakama S-9 features Pan Asia rubber, renowned for its reliability and control. With a 2.1mm sponge thickness, this rubber offers a good balance of speed and spin, making it suitable for various playing styles. Whether you're executing aggressive shots or playing defensively, the Nakama S-9 delivers consistent performance.
The racket comes with two 40+ (poly) balls, allowing you to start playing right away.

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