Cornilleau Excell 3000 Carbon


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Cornilleau's Excell 3000 racket replaces the Impulse series and features new carbon technology, leading to more rigid bats, and as a result, a more powerful game.

It is perfect for club level players looking to improve their style of play.

This bat has been built for those with an offensive game.

Light in weight, it is fitted with a very fast offensive blade and a 2mm fast sponge to really enhance your game.

It features Cornilleau's Fast Sponge to provide greater speed and spin, and a Perforated Handle System (PHS) to add greater grip and a better performance.

Its also features the Opti Feel Concept (OFC), which consists of wooden fibres in each ply wood providing a top of sensations and a direct increase in control and precision.

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