Hainsworth Club - Snooker Cloth - English Green

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Hainsworth CLUB is a high-quality snooker cloth made from fine Merino wool and designed for optimal playing performance. It offers good ball control, a medium-fast speed, and a durable directional nap finish. This cloth is made in England, and is a cost-effective option for snooker players. It is recognized as a practical, good performance value snooker and pool cloth that satisfies most general uses. It is widely used in major snooker tournaments and is preferred by professional players. The Hainsworth range of snooker and pool cloth is finely engineered and designed for optimum playing performance. The company uses the latest technology to produce durable and long-lasting cloth.


Pre cut Bed & Rails

Merino wool
Fabric Blend:
95% Merino wool and 5% nylon
27oz per yard
smooth and consistent texture

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