Finex 3-Piece Cast Iron Care Kit

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Take care of your cast iron cookware with this FINEX CK1-10001 3-piece cast iron care kit. This convenient 3-in-1 kit includes 100% organic flaxseed seasoning oil, an oak wood scraper, and a chain link scrubber. Perfect for preserving your cast iron cookware for years to come, this kit has everything you need to clean and maintain cast iron. For best results, wash your cast iron by hand immediately after use, while it's still warm, with clean, warm water. In order to prevent your cast iron from rusting, avoid leaving your pans in the sink to soak or putting them in the dishwasher. Then, use the durable stainless-steel chain link scrubber with a silicone insert to remove stuck-on food by just adding a small dab of soap. The oak wood scraper is ideal for loosening stubborn hard to reach grit and it fits perfectly between grill pan ribs or skillet corners.

Once your cast iron is clean, thoroughly dry it over low heat on the stove or in the oven as added protection to avoid rust rather than air drying. After washing and drying your cast iron, don't forget to apply a drop or two of the organic flaxseed oil and buff it into your cookware with a paper towel or dry dishcloth. Cast iron is extremely durable and a forgiving cookware material and this 3-in-1 kit makes it easy to keep your cast iron cookware in excellent condition! Whether you are preserving new cast iron or restoring scratched and rusted pans, this kit, and a little elbow grease, will do the job!

FINEX cast iron cookware is dedicated to honoring the hardworking history of American cast iron. With a strong belief in intentional design, FINEX cast iron cookware boasts quality and functionality to bring chefs the best on the market. Each piece of cast iron from this collection outperforms any other cookware while the aesthetically pleasing design makes a bold statement your guests will never forget. Orchestrate a genuine dining experience with FINEX cast iron cookware!

  • Convenient 3-in-1 kit includes everything you need to clean and maintain cast iron
  • 100% organic flaxseed oil comes in a drip-free eyedropper for easy application
  • Stainless-steel chain link scrubber is perfect for scrubbing away grit and grime
  • Oak wood scraper easily fits between grill pan ribs and skillet corners to remove excess food
  • Ideal for preserving new and restoring vintage pieces of cast iron for generations

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